I am passionate about arts

Born in Hammarsdale just outside Durban, Hector Kunene first journeyed into poetry at
the young age and immediately his love for art emerged.

It was his love for poetry that saw one of his first poems “Bloody Corpuscles” published in the Sunday Times newspaper. Hector later moved to Bloemfontein where he pursued his childhood dream of publishing a book because “I want to see people reading, I want people to start appreciating poetry again like they did in the days of Don Mattera and the likes of Mzwakhe Mbuli and Keorapetse Gkositsile”. His first book “Through the Tunnel” released in 2010 not only received exceptional reviews but was also internationally recognized. He went on to publish a literary study of Omoseye Bolaji that same year which as well as well received by literary pundits, newspapers and numerous other local publications.

The successes of both books resulted in him being awarded the Free State Writer of the Year award in 2010 in addition to the Free State Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation purchasing his works for libraries across the province. Hector, who additionally served as a Manager at SAA’s Airchef’s division, was also billed to perform at the Howick Writers Festival in Durban and was honoured by Darrel David for Midland Literary Festival and Boekbedonner in the Karoo to name but a few. With a third book in the pipeline, the literary protégé is bound to receive further acclaim.


A road I’ve travelled since high school which I never thought it would escalate to where it is today. It started on a mere page and was published at a schools newsletter and went on to poetry sessions in Johannesburg. From there on the passion grew when I saw the likes of Masoja Msiza and Lebo Mashile taking the craft to another level. It was not long before I started writing for performances,there is a difference when you write for reading and writing for showcasing as the poems usually are longer and with a certain rhythm and flair, how I choose words still baffles me as I hardly thought my writing was worth sharing until I was encouraged by many who have seen and heard my style of writing and delivering.

Poetry to me has become my second nature, I am because she is poetry herself. When people ask why the ” I am ” slogan I always refer them to the fact that we are all servants called to serve in our own way, others serve in music and they heal us or break us, others inspire us through their paintings, others it’s their concepts in business or their ability to tell stories. So you are what you are and I am what I am and I am sent to nations to interact and share my gift.